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Add creation review issue template

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This template is used by the EMO to track the creation of a project.
If you want to create a new Eclipse open source project start here:
Parts of this issue can initially be left blank.
Set the title of this issue to the name of the proposal
You can delete the comments (or not).
We're using this issue to track the progress of project creation. Help regarding the process can be found in the [Eclipse Foundation Project Handbook](
## Project
<!-- Proposed project name and proposal link from the PMI -->
[{Project Name}]({proposal link})
## Basic Information
- License: {license}
## Pre-creation Checklist
_To be completed by the EMO._
- [ ] Project scope is well-defined
- [ ] Top-level Project selected
- [ ] License(s) approved
- [ ] Project name trademark approved
- [ ] Project lead(s) identified
- [ ] Committers identified
- [ ] Committers have Eclipse Foundation Accounts
- [ ] Eclipse Architecture Council mentor identified
- [ ] Two weeks of community review completed
## Post-creation Checklist
_To be completed by the EMO._
- [ ] Project created
- [ ] Project provisioned (including at least one committer)
- [ ] Project lead(s) designated
- [ ] Architecture Council mentor designated
- [ ] [Initial Contribution]( submitted for review by the IP Team
- [ ] Committer orientation completed
Approximately three months after successful completion of this creation review, the EMO will initiate a progress review.
<!-- Quick actions will configure the state of the issue. Leave these. -->
/label ~"Review Request"
/assign @wbeaton @mdelgado624
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