Commit c39a51e1 authored by Boris Baldassari's avatar Boris Baldassari
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Fix script to run all projects with new architecture.

parent 9d0ef724
echo "Script not ready."
echo "Execute all projects in /data/projects/"
for p in /data/projects/*; do
for r in /data/projects/${p}/*; do
echo time bash /ort/eclipsefdn-ort/scripts/ $r /data/results/;
for r in `ls ${p}/`; do
echo "Run analysis on $p/$r"
time bash /ort/eclipsefdn-ort/scripts/ $p $r /data/results/;
echo "Run extract"
bash /ort/eclipsefdn-ort/scripts/
echo "Run extract"
bash /ort/eclipsefdn-ort/scripts/
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