Commit 943cbed9 authored by Kristof Szabados's avatar Kristof Szabados
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just extracted the identical function call to save double calling.

Signed-off-by: Kristof Szabados's avatarkristof <>
parent f3e0ef68
......@@ -373,10 +373,11 @@ void SimpleType::addToTypeSubstitutions() {
//It would be nice if here outside_reference.resolved to everything
bool newST = false;
SimpleType * st = (SimpleType*)outside_reference.get_ref();
if(st == NULL && !isBuiltInType(type.convertedValue)){
bool isConvertedBuiltIn = isBuiltInType(type.convertedValue);
if(st == NULL && !isConvertedBuiltIn){
//Not even a reference, and not a built in type
}else if(st == NULL && isBuiltInType(type.convertedValue)){
}else if(st == NULL && isConvertedBuiltIn){
st = new SimpleType(parser, module, construct);
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