Commit 52861d39 authored by Botond Baranyi's avatar Botond Baranyi
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Fixed code generation issue with integer literal -2147483648 (bug 552492)

Change-Id: I1994d4dec2aef2967febad7298b492bb7634ef97
Signed-off-by: Botond Baranyi's avatarBotond Baranyi <>
parent 4a9413be
......@@ -15223,7 +15223,7 @@ void Value::chk_expr_operand_execute_refd(Value *v1,
// these values cannot occur during code generation
case V_INT:
return u.val_Int->is_native_fit();
return u.val_Int->is_native_fit() && u.val_Int->get_val() != -2147483648;
// should only happen when generating code for an unbound record/set value
return false;
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