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    Correcting the call of record/set of RAW decoder · 6c61dfab
    Gábor Szalai authored
    The parameter values of the RAW decoder of the record/set of was faulty:
    The value of the first_call parameter was wrong. The number of elements was
    passed intead of the first call indication.
    Meaning of the parameters:
     - sel_field:  * union -> the selected field to be decoded
                   * record of -> the number of the element in the list
     - first_call: * record of -> indicates that the decode is called for the
                                  first time or it is a repeated call
    Change-Id: I2394eca0392454c7b1c0a2e1b4da4141267e370c
    Signed-off-by: Gábor Szalai's avatarGabor Szalai <gabor.szalai@ericsson.com>