Commit edcdf735 authored by Balazs Barcsik's avatar Balazs Barcsik
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fixed warning when terminating scenarios

warning was:
Source Variable "Var.Execution_Control.PhaseLists.tabbox.
TerminateGroup" is read-only or value is not allowed

Change-Id: I144117cee72bfd98f345a52252a26a13d4489bb4
Signed-off-by: default avatarBalazs Barcsik <>
parent a90365d7
......@@ -12276,7 +12276,7 @@ group R3 {
// set the GroupStart button to false:
f_EPTF_Var_adjustContent(f_EPTF_ExecCtrl_getScenarioGroupInstanceIsRunningVarIdx(vl_scenarioGroupIdx), {boolVal := false});
return false;
return true;
private function f_EPTF_ExecCtrl_UIVars_resetScenarioGroup(
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