Commit 52da5ae3 authored by József Gyürüsi's avatar József Gyürüsi
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[incident #1878954] code fixed: DTE in CLL:...

[incident #1878954] code fixed: DTE in CLL: EPTF_CLL_CLI_Functions.ttcn:531(function:f_EPTF_CLI_executeCommand) Dynamic test case error: Index overflow

Change-Id: Ia772469ebb7f3441180b90ad965f3021824155c2
Signed-off-by: József Gyürüsi's avatarJózsef Gyürüsi <>
parent d38d634f
......@@ -291,6 +291,7 @@ public function f_EPTF_Semaphore_decreaseLock(in integer pl_idx) runs on EPTF_Se
// This function waits until the semaphore is unlocked. Meanwhile all default altsteps are executing in the background.
// The function exits when the semaphore is unlocked or the specified time has passed.
// Automatically deletes the semaphore at exit if pl_autoDeleteSemaphore is not specified.
// If max waiting time is reached, the semaphore is not deleted even if pl_autoDeleteSemaphore is set true to avoid reusing it before user deletes it.
public function f_EPTF_Semaphore_waitForUnlock(in integer pl_idx, in float pl_maxWaitTime := -1.0, in boolean pl_autoDeleteSemaphore := true) runs on EPTF_Semaphore_CT return boolean {
......@@ -310,7 +311,7 @@ public function f_EPTF_Semaphore_waitForUnlock(in integer pl_idx, in float pl_ma
if (pl_autoDeleteSemaphore) {
if (pl_autoDeleteSemaphore and not vl_maxTimerExpired) {
return vl_maxTimerExpired;
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