Commit 4e23c29f authored by József Gyürüsi's avatar József Gyürüsi
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[support #1990439] Error logs when exiting Titansim

Change-Id: I87b004055b410104ef1a0298f7dd76fc3a2eee13
Signed-off-by: József Gyürüsi's avatarJózsef Gyürüsi <>
parent c6bbc15a
......@@ -4965,7 +4965,7 @@ private function f_EPTF_DataSource_sendMsg(in EPTF_DataSource_Msg pl_msg, in EPT
private function f_EPTF_DataSource_sendMsgErrorHandler(in EPTF_DataSource_Msg pl_msg, in EPTF_DataSourceClient_CT pl_to, in charstring pl_dte_str) runs on EPTF_DataSource_CT {
var charstring vl_errorMsg := log2str(%definitionId&": Cannot send the following message to component ",pl_to,": ",pl_msg,": ",pl_dte_str);
if (ischosen(pl_msg.getCondition)) {
// this is not reached, getCondition is handled separately
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