Commit 4d3409a2 authored by József Gyürüsi's avatar József Gyürüsi
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[TSD-13002] [OpenALM #incident #2027108] CLL: DSREST API doesn't return all processes in response

         code fixed: unnecessary call of function f_EPTF_Base_getComponentInfoAll removed from as_EPTF_HostAdminServer_eventHandler
parent a275bd9b
......@@ -497,8 +497,6 @@ runs on EPTF_HostAdminServer_CT
if(vl_nofClients != lengthof(v_EPTF_HostAdmin_hostDB.hosts)) {
// one of more HostAdmins started, get new component info list from Base
vl_compInfoList := f_EPTF_Base_getComponentInfoAll();
f_EPTF_Var_adjustContent(v_EPTF_HostAdmin_varNofHosts, {intVal := lengthof(v_EPTF_HostAdmin_hostDB.hosts)});
v_EPTF_HostAdminServer_compInfoList := vl_compInfoList;
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