Release 8.2.0

Titan 8.2.0 release notification

(The reason you are receiving this e-mail is that you have an active Titan license. If you don’t use your license, after its expiry you will be automatically removed from this distribution list.)

Dear Titan User,

We would like to announce that version 8.2.0 of Titan was released.

The Titan Team wants to dedicate this release to the memory of Elemér Lelik, who has recently passed away. Elemér was the leader and SPOC for the team both inside Ericsson and in the OpenSource community for many years. He dedicated his entire professional life to advancing the cause of telecommunication, especially the promotion of protocol testing. His humanity was most important to him. His technical excellence and pragmatic approach were well-known among those who became in touch with him.

Elemér will remain in our hearts forever.

Release highlights: C++ compiler Bugfixes (481, 576, 578, 579, 580, 581, 582, 583, 585, 586, 588, 592, 595, 597, 598, 599) Object Oriented features improvements (533, 577, 596) Use of octetstring in LENGTHTO (554) Eclipse Plug-ins Bug fixes (404, 429, 432, 447, [https://gitl]448, 450, 461, 462, 465, 469, 475, 476 ) New documented limitation (471) Eclipse IDE UI enhancements (371, 442, 449, 451, 452, 453, 454, 457, 459, 460, [https://gitlab.ecli]464, 466, 468) JSON default attributes upgraded ([https: //]416) Use of octetstring in LENGTHTO (419) Uplift minimum Java version from 1.6 to 1.8 (463)

This list is not comprehensive; for further details, see Release Notes for Titan 8.2.0

As everyone inside Ericsson is moving into E2C, including us, the list of platforms supported with release day builds of binary packages is changed to the latest platforms available in E2C and platf orms requested by our stakeholder group.

WARNING: As of June 25 the E2C support for SLES 11 and Ubuntu 16.04 will be discontinued. The 8.2.0 is the last release to provide pre-built packages for those OS versions. Instead of the phased-out Ubuntu version we are now providing pre-built packages for Ubuntu 20.04.

The latest Titan version (both C and Java sides) can be downloaded from:

The update site for the provided Eclipse plug-ins: This site can be used as an "update site" inside Eclipse to easily install the provided Eclipse plug-ins.

Older Titan versions can be downloaded from, however we only support the current and the last released version, so we encourage you to migrate to the newest one.

For the complete list and detailed description of the changes please refer to the Release Notes ( and Change Log ([http: //]Titan Change Log) documents

We have published binary packages for Linux (various 64-bit distributions) and Windows (Cygwin) to be used with several GCC versions and Clang-3.8. Solaris binaries are not published since version 6.2 pl0. Also, Titan has been built and tested with the following compiler versions:

  • Clang 4, 5, 6
  • GCC 5.5, 6.4, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.1 and 9.4

If you seriously miss a specific package for your system that is not on our download list, please come back with a request to TTCN3(ETH) mailing list ( including your motivation and the number of affected users.

If you have any questions or troubles about our tool (or even the TTCN-3 language itself) do not hesitate to contact us via the TTCN3(ETH) mailing list (

With best regards,

Nagy Lénárd on behalf of the Titan Developer Team