Commit fef485f8 authored by Arpad Lovassy's avatar Arpad Lovassy
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bugfix: removed wrong JSON variant warning

Signed-off-by: Arpad Lovassy's avatarzlovarp <>
parent c8fc55e8
......@@ -803,11 +803,7 @@ public abstract class Type extends Governor implements IType, IIncrementallyUpda
final Reference reference = new Reference(null, fieldsOrArrays);
final IType type = getFieldType(timestamp, reference, 0, Expected_Value_type.EXPECTED_CONSTANT, false);
if (type != null) {
if (type.getMyScope() != myScope) {
qualifier.getLocation().reportSemanticWarning("Variant attribute is ignored, because it refers to a type from a different type definition");
} else {
type.checkThisVariant(timestamp, singleWithAttribute, false);
type.checkThisVariant(timestamp, singleWithAttribute, false);
} else {
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