Commit c8fc55e8 authored by Arpad Lovassy's avatar Arpad Lovassy
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fix JSON encode variant as_number

Signed-off-by: Arpad Lovassy's avatarzlovarp <>
parent 0c6a19c2
......@@ -621,7 +621,7 @@ public final class EnumeratedGenerator {
source.append("\t\t\tString tmp_str = null;\n");
source.append("\t\t\tif (p_td.json.isAs_number()) {\n");
source.append("\t\t\t\ttmp_str = \"\"+enum_value.ordinal();\n");
source.append("\t\t\t\ttmp_str = \"\"+enum_value.enum_num;\n");
source.append("\t\t\t} else {\n");
source.append("\t\t\t\tboolean text_found = false;\n");
source.append("\t\t\t\tfor (int i = 0; i < p_td.json.getNof_enum_texts(); ++i) {\n");
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