Commit 92ff37b3 authored by Arpad Lovassy's avatar Arpad Lovassy Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "It looks like we will not be able to support testset creation till the release."

parents 0d63d7ac 848f0263
......@@ -15,10 +15,8 @@ import org.eclipse.debug.ui.EnvironmentTab;
import org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationDialog;
import org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationTab;
import org.eclipse.debug.ui.ILaunchConfigurationTabGroup;
import org.eclipse.titan.executor.tabpages.hostcontrollers.HostControllersTab;
import org.eclipse.titan.executor.tabpages.maincontroller.NativeJavaMainControllerTab;
import org.eclipse.titan.executor.tabpages.performance.NativeJavaPerformanceSettingsTab;
import org.eclipse.titan.executor.tabpages.testset.TestSetTab;
* @author Kristof Szabados
......@@ -29,7 +27,9 @@ public final class LaunchConfigurationTabGroup implements ILaunchConfigurationTa
public void createTabs(final ILaunchConfigurationDialog arg0, final String arg1) {
//TODO add support for starting Java generated host controllers
tabs = new ILaunchConfigurationTab[] {new NativeJavaMainControllerTab(this)/*, new HostControllersTab(this)*/, new TestSetTab(),
//TODO add support for extracting the tests from the Java side generated code
// till that is not possible, it is also not possible to configure test sets on the user interface.
tabs = new ILaunchConfigurationTab[] {new NativeJavaMainControllerTab(this)/*, new HostControllersTab(this)*//*, new TestSetTab()*/,
new NativeJavaPerformanceSettingsTab(), new EnvironmentTab(), new CommonTab()};
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