Commit 459ad252 authored by Elemer Lelik's avatar Elemer Lelik
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Merge pull request #34 from balaskoa/master

small printout correction
parents 393587cf 224329f2
......@@ -650,7 +650,7 @@ public final class ComponentTypeBody extends TTCN3Scope implements IReferenceCha
if (definitions.hasDefinition(name)) {
Definition localDefinition = definitions.getDefinition(name);
LOCALINHERTANCECOLLISSION, name, definition.getMyScope().getFullName()));
LOCALINHERTANCECOLLISSION, definition.getIdentifier().getDisplayName(), definition.getMyScope().getFullName()));
} else if (extendsGainedDefinitions.containsKey(name)) {
Definition previousDefinition = extendsGainedDefinitions.get(name);
if (!previousDefinition.equals(definition)) {
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