Commit 39a3e4a8 authored by Kristof Szabados's avatar Kristof Szabados Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "fixed generatecode in array_type"

parents 9c4dec98 7ad6f0ba
......@@ -962,7 +962,7 @@ public final class Array_Type extends Type implements IReferenceableElement {
source.append(MessageFormat.format("public static class {0} extends {1} '{' \n", ownName, valueName));
source.append(MessageFormat.format("public {0}() '{'\n", ownName));
source.append(MessageFormat.format("super({0}.class, {1},{2});\n",elementName,dimension.getSize(), dimension.getOffset()));
source.append(MessageFormat.format("public {0}({0} otherValue) '{'\n", ownName));
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