Commit 27265a4f authored by Kristof Szabados's avatar Kristof Szabados
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the native Java MainController does not need to be limited to a single instance.

Signed-off-by: Kristof Szabados's avatarKristof Szabados <>
parent 0214b694
......@@ -49,13 +49,6 @@ public final class LaunchConfigurationDelegate extends TitanLaunchConfigurationD
// null);
// }
// throw new CoreException(status);
// }
//FIXME for the first try it might be ok to let it run only one instance.
// if (JniExecutor.isRunning()) {
// final Status status = new Status(IStatus.ERROR, Activator.PLUGIN_ID, IStatus.OK, "The Jni based launcher is already running.\n"
// + "Only one instance can be running at any time.", null);
// throw new CoreException(status);
// }
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