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Minor tweaks to the "Using ClearlyDefined" content.

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......@@ -110,21 +110,23 @@ When content is known to ClearlyDefined and has a _Licensed_ score of at least {
ClearlyDefined provides three different scores. For example:
image::images/clearlydefined-example.png[Screenshot from ClearlyDefined]
Three numbers are highlighted in this screenshot:
// These will generate warnings; the callouts are included
// part of the above image.
<1> The overall score;
<2> The _metadata_ score (i.e., completeness the metadata); and
<2> The _Described_ score (i.e., completeness of the metadata); and
<3> The _Licensed_ score (i.e., confidence in the licensing).
In this particular example, the declared and discovered licenses are all on the approved licenses list, and the _Licensed_ score meets the threshold. This content can be used by {aForgeName} project without further consideration.
Note that when the ClearlyDefined record shows any of the following, a project committer must <<ip-project-content-cq, engage with the IP Team via CQ>>:
* NOASSERTION appearing a _declared license_;
* NOASSERTION appearing as a _discovered license_;
* `NOASSERTION` appearing a _declared license_;
* `NOASSERTION` appearing as a _discovered license_;
* No declared license; or
* A _License_ score of less than {clearlyDefinedMinimumScore}.
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