Commit 4fde6586 authored by Reinhard Biegel's avatar Reinhard Biegel
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fix(CI): Correctly pack artifacts after install directory restructure

Signed-off-by: Reinhard Biegel's avatarReinhard Biegel <>
parent 14055748
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......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ cd "$MYDIR/../../../../dist/Slave" || exit 1
mkdir -p ../../artifacts || exit 1
if [[ "${OSTYPE}" = "msys" ]]; then
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/ lib OpenPassMaster.exe OpenPassSlave.exe *.dll
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/ doc modules schemas OpenPassMaster.exe OpenPassSlave.exe *.dll
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/ artifacts
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/openPASS_SIM.tar.gz lib OpenPassMaster OpenPassSlave *.so* --ignore-failed-read
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/openPASS_SIM.tar.gz doc lib modules schemas OpenPassMaster OpenPassSlave *.so* --ignore-failed-read
$MYDIR/ ../../artifacts/openPASS_EndToEndTests.tar.gz artifacts --ignore-failed-read
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