Commit e3d29380 authored by Dimitrios Chalepakis's avatar Dimitrios Chalepakis
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SI-545 Logs adjusted

Signed-off-by: Dimitrios Chalepakis's avatarDimitrios Chalepakis <>
parent c74e0661
......@@ -68,18 +68,27 @@ public class AddressImportService {
}"Import START");"- Adressimport START");"- Import Addresses START");
importAddressFile(cleanUp);"-- Import Power Connections START");"- Import Addresses END");"- Import Power Connections START");
importPowerConnectionsAddressFile();"-- Import Water Connections START");"- Import Power Connections END");"- Import Water Connections START");
importWaterConnectionsAddressFile();"-- Import Gas Connections START");"- Import Water Connections END");"- Import Gas Connections START");
importGasConnectionsAddressFile();"- Adressimport ENDE");"- Import Gas Connections END");"- Import PowerStations START");
importPowerStationFile(cleanUp);"- Import PowerStations ENDE");"- Import PowerStations END");"Import END");
synchronized (importInWork) {
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