Commit c0cbc1a7 authored by dietricf's avatar dietricf
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Fix sudden bug in tests

parent c16bd5fd
......@@ -80,12 +80,13 @@ public class ImportServiceTest {
private ProcessHelper processHelper;
public void shouldImportDifferentRadiiProperly() throws Exception {
void shouldImportDifferentRadiiProperly() throws Exception {
List<RadiusDto> radiusDtos = getRadiusDtoList();
FailureInformationDto failureInformationDto = MockDataHelper.mockFailureInformationDto();
Whitebox.setInternalState(importService, "radiusService", radiusService); // don't know why this is needed suddenly
Whitebox.invokeMethod(importService, "importRadius", 10L, failureInformationDto);
assertEquals(radiusDtos.get(0).getUuid(), failureInformationDto.getRadiusId());
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