Commit 6b0694aa authored by Dimitrios Chalepakis's avatar Dimitrios Chalepakis
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Merge branch 'SI-379_ImportAdressen' of...

Merge branch 'SI-379_ImportAdressen' of ssh:// into DEVELOP
parents 63d7fd4f 916a68bd
......@@ -62,12 +62,18 @@ public class AddressImportService {
if (cleanUp) {
Instant cleanUpStart =;"CleanUp START");
stationService.deleteAllStations();"CleanUp ENDE");
Instant cleanUpEnd =;"CleanUp Duration: " + Duration.between(cleanUpStart, cleanUpEnd));
Instant importStart =;"Import START");"- Import Addresses START");
......@@ -89,8 +95,10 @@ public class AddressImportService {"- Import PowerStations START");
importPowerStationFile(cleanUp);"- Import PowerStations END");"Import END");
Instant importEnd =;"Total Import Duration: " + Duration.between(importStart, importEnd));
synchronized (lock) {
importInWork = Boolean.FALSE;
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