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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into VizServiceTests · 791590fe
      Robert Smith authored
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      Added SWTBot tests and made minor UI improvements · 1796ffbd
      Robert Smith authored
      This commit adds SWTBot tests for the Materials Database, MOOSE
      Workflow, and Reflecftivity Model. They are not currently part of the
      build and need a specialized pom file activating the services required
      by an ICE workbench before they could be added to it. It also addresses
      several minor UI bugs with those three items:
      Fixed an issue with the Materials Database accepting non-positive
      numbers as a material's amount.
      Fixed several issues with the MOOSE Workflow not properly handling its
      error messages and fields' dirty states.
      Fixed the Reflectivity Model so that collapsing and expanding the
      NatTable no longer increases the widgets' size. 
      Fixed an issue where the Reflectivity Model's NatTable graphical
      representation could be stale because it was not being refreshed after
      each operation on it.
      Set the Reflectivity Model to automatically open the Properties view
      with itself in focus. Previously, it had set focus to the Resources
      view, leaving the Properties view empty until the user clicked on the
      Reflectivity Model. 
      Signed-off-by: Robert Smith's avatarRobert Smith <SmithRW@ornl.gov>
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