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Add README for persistence integration tests

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Persistence Handler Integration Tests
This module implements integration tests for Persistence Handlers generated
using the `@Persisted` annotation.
**Test Prerequisites:**
- MongoDB instance running locally or accessible by host name and port to the
test runner.
**Environment Variables:**
- `MONGO_HOST` - Host name of MongoDB instance. Defaults to `localhost`.
- `MONGO_PORT` - Port MongoDB is running on on host. Defaults to `27017`.
- `MONGO_DB` - The database to use for testing. Defaults to `test`.
### Running tests
#### Running with local MongoDB
To run these tests, you will need a running instance of MongoDB. A quick method
to get a running instance is to launch a container using docker or podman (if
using a RHEL based Linux distribution):
$ podman run -d -p 27017:27017 mongo
$ sudo docker run -d -p 27017:27017 mongo
Then you can execute tests from this directory with the standard:
$ mvn clean test
#### Running with remote MongoDB
If there is an already running instance of MongoDB available, use environment
variables to configure the tests to use that instance:
$ MONGO_HOST=mymongoserver \
MONGO_PORT=27017 \
MONGO_DB=testing_db \
mvn clean test
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