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Added a branch policy statement.

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......@@ -47,6 +47,14 @@ If you are not a committer on this project, please follow these steps to submit
* Make sure you use the `-s` flag when committing as explained above.
* Push your changes to your branch in your forked repository and create a Pull Request.
## Branch Policy
ICE features are developed with a one branch per feature policy. Do not use your branch for any other feature development. This prevents crossing the development streams for different features and accelerates the PR review process.
Branches should be named in the style of <your name>/<feature name>. This scheme makes it easy to quickly identify who is working on a branch and the feature under development. A branch named jay/tasks is correctly named, but a branch named tasks-202010 is not.
Branches should be merged regularly against their parent. ```git merge``` is the preferred merging mechanism to preserve as much history as possible. ```git rebase``` may also be used, but preferrably only for those cases where a rebase is required to fix problems and not solely to squash the history.
## Code quality requirements
All submissions are reviewed for technical merit. In addition to a technical review, pull requests are reviewed for code quality to maintain a standard across the code base. This includes:
......@@ -62,10 +70,6 @@ The project committers reserve the right to ask for more tests and other improve
## Submitting the changes
Submit a pull request via the normal GitHub UI.
## After submitting
* Do not use your branch for any other development, otherwise further changes that you make will be visible in the PR.
# Credit
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