Commit 030fbe07 authored by Jay Jay Billings's avatar Jay Jay Billings
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Removed erroneously committed target and bin directories...

... in previously removed bundles.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJay Jay Billings <>
parent 94f6b3d5
#Mon Jan 04 14:07:08 EST 2016
artifact.attached.p2metadata=C\:\\Users\\r8s\\Desktop\\ice unstable nightly 6\\workspace\\ice\\\\target\\p2content.xml
artifact.main=C\:\\Users\\r8s\\Desktop\\ice unstable nightly 6\\workspace\\ice\\\\target\\
artifact.attached.p2artifacts=C\:\\Users\\r8s\\Desktop\\ice unstable nightly 6\\workspace\\ice\\\\target\\p2artifacts.xml
#Generated by Maven
#Mon Jan 04 14:07:07 EST 2016
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<?artifactRepository version='1.1.0'?>
<artifacts size='1'>
<artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='' version='2.1.8'>
<properties size='5'>
<property name='artifact.size' value='34717'/>
<property name='download.size' value='34717'/>
<property name='maven-groupId' value='ICE'/>
<property name='maven-artifactId' value=''/>
<property name='maven-version' value='2.1.8'/>
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