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#691 CIF explorer: use proper edge vs transition terminology

  • Best understood per commit. Some changes have been done through multiple commits.
  • Updated tool, tests and documentation.
  • End user visible changes:
    • Proper terminology in statistics output.
    • Proper terminology in debug output and report file.
    • Proper terminology in option descriptions of 'Enable CIF output' and 'Enable report' options.
    • New 'Remove duplicate transitions' option that replaces the 'Enable edge minimization' option. The latter is no longer supported. Functionally, the new option works as the old one.
    • Old option is kept, and if used with its long option name gives an unsupported error (backwards incompatible, but with explicit error and indication of the alternative). The short option name is now used by the new option (backwards compatible).
    • Updated the CIF explorer documentation for proper terminology. There is no more confusion between a minimal output model and the edge minimization option, so this explanation has been removed. The explanation that the resulting model is not necessarily minimal is kept.
    • Improvements to the CIF explorer documentation.

Closes #691 (closed)

Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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