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Resolve "Configure deployment to Eclipse Foundation infrastructure"

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......@@ -37,10 +37,12 @@ pipeline {
sh '''
java -version
mvn -version
if [ "$GIT_BRANCH" == "master" ]; then
# Sign only for releases, on 'master' branch.
if [[ "$GIT_BRANCH" == "master" || "$TAG_NAME" =~ ^v[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+.*$ ]]; then
# Sign releases, based on release version tag name.
# Sign 'master' branch, to allow checking release signing before deployment.
......@@ -51,8 +53,8 @@ pipeline {
post {
success {
// Documentation.
archiveArtifacts '*/org.eclipse.escet.*documentation/target/*.zip'
// Documentation/websites.
archiveArtifacts '*/org.eclipse.escet.*documentation/target/*'
// Update site.
archiveArtifacts 'products/org.eclipse.escet.product/target/*.zip'
......@@ -63,6 +65,76 @@ pipeline {
stage('Deploy') {
when {
tag pattern: "v\\d+\\.\\d+.*", comparator: "REGEXP"
environment {
DOWNLOADS_PATH = "/home/data/httpd/"
WEBSITE_GIT_URL = "ssh://"
steps {
// Deploy downloads.
sh '''
mkdir -p deploy/update-site/
unzip -q products/org.eclipse.escet.product/target/*.zip -d deploy/update-site/
sshagent (['']) {
// Remove any existing directory for this release.
// Create directory for this release.
sh 'ssh mkdir -p ${DOWNLOADS_PATH}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/'
// Documentation/websites.
// NOTE: for these artifacts the qualifier is 'SNAPSHOT' rather than the actual version qualifier.
sh 'ssh mkdir -p ${DOWNLOADS_PATH}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/websites/'
sh 'scp -r */org.eclipse.escet.*documentation/target/* ${DOWNLOADS_URL}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/websites/'
// Update site (archive).
sh 'scp -r products/org.eclipse.escet.product/target/*.zip ${DOWNLOADS_URL}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/'
// Update site (extracted).
sh 'ssh mkdir -p ${DOWNLOADS_PATH}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/update-site/'
sh 'scp -r deploy/update-site/* ${DOWNLOADS_URL}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/update-site/'
// Product.
sh 'scp -r products/org.eclipse.escet.product/target/products/*.tar.gz ${DOWNLOADS_URL}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/'
sh 'scp -r products/org.eclipse.escet.product/target/products/*.zip ${DOWNLOADS_URL}/${RELEASE_VERSION}/'
// Deploy websites.
sshagent(['']) {
sh '''
mkdir -p deploy/www
git clone ${WEBSITE_GIT_URL} deploy/www
rm -rf deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}
mkdir -p deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}
cp releng/website/index.html deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}
sed -i -e "s/@VERSION@/${RELEASE_VERSION}/g" deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/index.html
unzip -q products/org.eclipse.escet.documentation/target/* -d deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/escet/
unzip -q chi/org.eclipse.escet.chi.documentation/target/* -d deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/chi/
unzip -q cif/org.eclipse.escet.cif.documentation/target/* -d deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/cif/
unzip -q setext/org.eclipse.escet.setext.documentation/target/* -d deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/setext/
unzip -q tooldef/org.eclipse.escet.tooldef.documentation/target/* -d deploy/www/${RELEASE_VERSION}/tooldef/
dir('deploy/www') {
sh '''
git config ""
git config "genie.escet"
git config push.default simple # Required to silence Git push warning.
git add -A
git commit -q -m "Website release ${RELEASE_VERSION}." -m "Generated from commit ${GIT_COMMIT}"
git push
post {
......@@ -41,5 +41,6 @@ Further topics:
* <<developer-git-repo-chapter-index>>
* <<developer-coding-standards-chapter-index>>
* <<developer-building-and-testing-chapter-index>>
* <<developer-release-process-chapter-index>>
* <<developer-third-party-tools-chapter-index>>
* <<developer-upgrade-instructions-chapter-index>>
// Copyright (c) 2010, 2020 Contributors to the Eclipse Foundation
// See the NOTICE file(s) distributed with this work for additional
// information regarding copyright ownership.
// This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms
// of the MIT License which is available at
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
== Release process
The process to release a new version of the Eclipse ESCET tools involves the
following steps:
* Prepare for the next release in the `develop` branch until it is ready to be
* Create a GitLab merge request from `develop` to `master`, and merge it.
Since `master` is a protected branch for the Eclipse ESCET GitLab, a GitLab
merge request is the only way to update it.
* Check that the build on `master` succeeds in Jenkins.
* Add a tag on the commit in `master` that is to be released. Only version
tags with a specific syntax will be picked up by Jenkins to be released.
For instance, use `v0.1`, `v0.1.1`, `v2.0`, etc for releases, `v0.1-M1`
for a milestone build, or `v0.1-RC1` for a release candidate.
* Push the tag to the Eclipse ESCET GitLab. E.g. use
`git push origin <tagname>` with `<tagname>` the name of the tag to push.
* Jenkins will automatically pick up the new tag. Log in to Jenkins and
manually trigger a build for the tag. Jenkins will then automatically build
and release a new version from that tag.
* All releases can be downloaded at
For a version `v0.1`, the downloads will be located at
Note that according to the Eclipse Foundation Wiki page
link:[IT Infrastructure Doc],
"Once your files are on the `` server, they are
immediately available to the general public. However, for release builds,
we ask that you wait at least four hours for our mirror sites to fetch the
new files before linking to them. It typically takes a day or two for all
the mirror sites to synchronize with us and get new files."
That same wiki page also notes that "Although you can link directly to
``, you can also use the _Find a Mirror_
script [...]. Using this script allows you to view download statistics and
allows users to pick a nearby mirror site for their download." It further
indicates that "P2 repositories are not normally accessed via the mirror
selection script." The _Find a Mirror_ script also transparently handles
files moved from `` to ``.
* Jenkins will automatically push the website for the new release to the
website Git repository, in a directory for the specific release. For a version
`v0.1`, the website can be accessed at `\`.
It may take a few minutes for the Git repository to be synced to the webserver
and for the website for the new version to become available.
* If the website for the new release is to be the standard visible website for
the project (at ``), it has to be manually
replaced. This is to ensure that a bugfix release for an older version doesn't
override the standard visible website. The following steps explain how to
'promote' a website for a specific version to become the standard visible
** Make sure you've uploaded your SSH public key to Eclipse Gerrit. This is
a one-time only step. Go to Sign in using your
Eclipse Foundation committer account. Use the gear icon at the top right to
access your account settings. Under _SSH Keys_ add your SSH public key. Also
make note of your _username_, _Full name_ and _Email_ address.
** Clone the Eclipes ESCET website Git repository using
`git clone ssh://<username>`.
Make sure to replace `<username>` by your Eclipse Foundation committer
account _username_.
** In the cloned repository, remove all files/folders in the root of the
Git repository pertaining to the current standard visible website.
Be sure not to remove any of the directories with websites for specific
** Copy the files/folders from the directory with the website for the
release that you want to make the standard visible website, and put them
in the root of the Git repository.
** Add all changes to be committed, e.g. by using `git add -A`.
** Make sure to use the _Full name_ and _Email_ address of your Eclipse
Foundation committer account. E.g. use
`git config --local "<full_name>"` and
`git config --local "<email>"`, replacing `<full_name>` and
`<email>` by the appropriate information matching your Eclipse Foundation
committer account.
** Commit the changes. Use as commit message
`Set standard visible website to release <version>.`, replacing `<version>`
by the release version that will become the new standard visible website.
Make sure to sign off the commit to pass Eclipse Foundation automatic
commit validation. E.g. use the following to commit the changes:
`git commit -s -m "Set standard visible website to release v0.1."`.
** Push the changes to the Git server. E.g. use `git push`. If successful
you should see the changes at the Git server's web view, at
** It may take a few minutes for the Git repository to be synced to the
webserver, and for the new standard visible website to become available.
The standard visible website can be accessed at
``. Depending on browser cache settings and
other factors, it may be necessary to force refresh your browser for it
to pick up the changes on the server.
Regularly, consider the following:
* Remove old non-release websites.
* Remove old non-release downloads. Consider whether removing P2 update
sites will lead to issues for users.
* Move old release downloads from `` to
``. Consider whether moving P2 update
sites will lead to issues for users. See for more information the
Eclipse Foundation Wiki page
a repo to].
......@@ -161,6 +161,8 @@ include::developer/coding-standards.asciidoc[]
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<title>Eclipse ESCET website</title>
tr, td {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
td a {
margin-right: 10px;
<p><strong>Eclipse Supervisory Control Engineering Toolkit (Eclipse ESCET™)</strong></p>
<p>Version: @VERSION@</p>
<td><a href="escet">Eclipse ESCET website</a></td>
<td>The website and documentation for the Eclipse ESCET project and its tools.</td>
<td><a href="chi">Chi website</a></td>
<td>The website and documentation for the Chi language and tools.</td></tr>
<td><a href="cif">CIF website</a></td>
<td>The website and documentation for the CIF language and tools.</td></tr>
<td><a href="setext">SeText website</a></td>
<td>The website and documentation for the SeText language and tools.</td></tr>
<td><a href="tooldef">ToolDef website</a></td>
<td>The website and documentation for the ToolDef language and tools.</td></tr>
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