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#364 Included information on benchmark models in the CIF documentation.

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......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ For each change to the CIF language, follow these steps:
* Update type checker (`org.eclipse.escet.cif.typechecker`).
** Add new constraints to the error and problem messages (``).
** Verify the implementation by running `chk.bash`.
* Update example models for changed syntax and constraints (`org.eclipse.escet.cif.examples`).
* Update example and benchmark models for changed syntax and constraints (`org.eclipse.escet.cif.examples`).
* Update pretty printer including set of keywords (`org.eclipse.escet.cif.prettyprinter`).
* Update common methods (`org.eclipse.escet.cif.common`).
* Update CIF to CIF transformations and other tools.
......@@ -18,12 +18,12 @@ indexterm:[examples]
== CIF examples
CIF ships with several examples.
CIF ships with several examples and benchmark models.
To obtain these examples, follow these steps:
* Start the Eclipse ESCET IDE.
* Click menu:File[New > Example...].
* Select _CIF Examples_ and click btn:[Next].
* Select _CIF Examples_ or _CIF Benchmarks_ and click btn:[Next].
* Choose the name of the new project that will be created.
* Choose a location for the new project, on your hard disk.
If you leave the _Use default location_ option enabled, the new project will be created in workspace directory.
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