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      meta-oniro-core: add and enable oniro-grub-bootconf · ed49da8a
      Zygmunt Krynicki authored
      The oniro-grub-bootconf recipe provides the virtual-grub-bootconf
      package which in turn contains a stub grub.cfg and empty grubenv file.
      The change is spread around a considerable number of areas. Specifically
      the kick-start file needs to explicitly reference the grub.cfg file which
      must be placed in the wic/ directory. Since we need the same file in
      grub/files directory, so that it can be installed into the image,
      a symbolic link is employed.
      The distribution configuration file, oniro-linux.conf sets
      IMAGE_EFI_BOOT_FILES so that the grubenv file is installed into the boot
      partition. This is required since grub cannot create the file by itself,
      it can only edit the file, in-place, if it is present there already.
      The actual configuration file for GRUB is a stub. Appropriate file with
      some non-trivial logic will be proposed separately. The stub file boots
      the first slot all the time. The kernel is loaded from the rootfs.
      This test-boots fine in x86 and x86-64 qemu builds.
      Signed-off-by: Zygmunt Krynicki's avatarZygmunt Krynicki <zygmunt.krynicki@huawei.com>
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