Commit b86929df authored by Botond Baranyi's avatar Botond Baranyi
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Fixed issue with unnamed temporary object (bug 559978)

Change-Id: I257465182b1d6bfcbe1598d2c1c5f121c95e12e0
Signed-off-by: Botond Baranyi's avatarBotond Baranyi <>
parent b8d1f4ea
......@@ -5740,7 +5740,7 @@ error:
Type *Statement::chk_signature_ref(Reference *p_ref)
if (!p_ref) FATAL_ERROR("Statement::chk_signature_ref()");
Error_Context(p_ref, "In signature");
Error_Context cntxt(p_ref, "In signature");
Common::Assignment *t_ass = p_ref->get_refd_assignment();
if (!t_ass) return 0;
if (t_ass->get_asstype() != Common::Assignment::A_TYPE) {
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