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added note for sliding decoding limitation.

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......@@ -1208,6 +1208,8 @@ The following rules may be used with more than one target when there is a slidin
Above rules imply that the source type of this mapping be either `octetstring` or `charstring`. The run-time environment maintains a separate buffer for each connection of the dual-faced port. Whenever data arrives to the buffer, the conversion rules are applied on the buffer in the same order as given in the attribute. If one of the rules succeeds (that is, the function returns `0` or decoding is completed without any error) the outcome of the conversion will appear on the destination side. If the buffer still contains data after successful decoding, the conversion is attempted again to get the next message. If one of the rules indicates that the data in the buffer is insufficient to get an entire message (the function returns `2 INCOMPLETE_MESSAGE` or decoding fails with error code `ET_INCOMPL_MSG`), then the decoding is interrupted until the next fragment arrives in the buffer. If all conversion rules fail (the function returns `1 NOT_MY_TYPE` or decoding fails with any other error code than `ET_INCOMPL_MSG`), dynamic test case error occurs.
NOTE: Decoding with sliding should be the last decoding option in the list of decoding options and there should be only one decoding with sliding buffer. In other cases the first decoding with sliding buffer might disable reaching later decoding options.
=== Encoder/decoder Function Prototypes
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