Commit 8aab3754 authored by Kristof Szabados's avatar Kristof Szabados
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sig_type was already defined as a refdlast type.

Signed-off-by: Kristof Szabados's avatarKristof Szabados <>
parent 196bc25e
......@@ -10231,7 +10231,7 @@ error:
string qualified_sig_name_ = sig_type->get_genname_value(scope);
const char* qualified_sig_name = qualified_sig_name_.c_str();
string unqualified_sig_name_ = sig_type->get_genname_value(
const char* unqualified_sig_name = unqualified_sig_name_.c_str();
const char* op_name = is_out ? "reply" : "call";
str = mputprintf(str,
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