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README.cygwin update to the newest cygwin

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......@@ -98,6 +98,9 @@ Cygwin setup
WARNING: The path of your "unix" home directory shall not contain
any space!
NOTE: If /etc/passwd does not exist, edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. Insert the line
db_home: /cygdrive/c/Users/<yourUserId>/Documents/My_Home
into that file (or edit that line).
(I1)If you are working with Titan plugins for Eclipse or any Windows based program
using cygwin commands, insert the Windows equivalent path of cygwin folders "/bin" or/and "/usr/bin"
......@@ -130,7 +133,7 @@ Cygwin setup
Compile Titan with Cygwin:
Edit the <your home directory>/.bashrc, as above in (J), add these lines to it:
export TTCN3_DIR=${HOME}/git/titan.core/Install
export PATH=${TTCN3_DIR}/bin:${PATH}
export PATH=.:${TTCN3_DIR}/bin:${PATH}
Create titan.core/Makefile.personal with the following content:
TTCN3_DIR := <your home directory>/git/titan.core/Install
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