Commit c2245530 authored by Gergo Ujhelyi's avatar Gergo Ujhelyi
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fix enum generator isbound

Signed-off-by: Gergo Ujhelyi's avatarGergoUjhelyi <>
parent d06e79fd
......@@ -843,7 +843,7 @@ public class EnumeratedGenerator {
private static void generateTemplateIsBound(final StringBuilder source) {
source.append("public boolean isBound() {\n");
source.append("if (templateSelection != template_sel.UNINITIALIZED_TEMPLATE && !is_ifPresent) {\n");
source.append("if (templateSelection == template_sel.UNINITIALIZED_TEMPLATE && !is_ifPresent) {\n");
source.append("return false;\n");
source.append("return true;\n");
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