Commit 51d27d8d authored by Kristof Szabados's avatar Kristof Szabados
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one more parameter needed

Signed-off-by: Kristof Szabados's avatarkristof <>
parent b40c9568
......@@ -1021,7 +1021,12 @@ public class PortGenerator {
source.append(MessageFormat.format("if (\"{0}\".equals(message_type)) '{'\n", inType.mDisplayName));
source.append(MessageFormat.format("final {0} incoming_par = new {0}();\n", inType.mJavaTypeName));
source.append("incoming_message(incoming_par, sender_component);\n");
source.append("incoming_message(incoming_par, sender_component");
//FIXME add support for sliding
if (portDefinition.testportType == TestportType.ADDRESS) {
source.append(", null");
source.append("return true;\n");
source.append("} else ");
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